Sunday, August 10, 2008

Voting Update!!

There is a tie for 1st place - The winners are A and D

Wow, everyone's art is very very close!!!!

Total votes so far: 25

A: 8

B: 4

C: 6

D: 7

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vote For The Winner!!!!!

It is a 4 way tie between:

"The Fastest Car in London"


Shree Seascape

Anshu Landscape

Akshaya Waterscape


Now its your turn to vote!!!

Voting Instructions...
1. Just send an email to

The vote must be in this exact format otherwise it may not be counted

Subject: Vote For The Winner

Message Body Text:
(A B C or D you can choose from)

(any message here)

One vote per person please, otherwise your vote may not be counted.

Summer '08 Art Contest 2

I am inviting all my students to submit paintings for a 2nd art contest.
The topic is "Summer landscape/waterscape".
Paintings must be related to this topic.
Paintings must be new work. Any medium is fine.
Deadline is July 31st

Parents please take a photo or scan the picture and email it to me. All submissions will go on my blog with the child's first name only. yes, there is a prize for the winner.

Happy painting!

Priyanka - "Forrest"

Ankit Landscape

Ankit Seascape


Akshaya Waterscape

Neha Landscape

Anshu Landscape

Anshu Seascape

Divya Seascape

Shree Seascape

Neha Landscape 2

"The Fastest Car in London"

"The Fastest Car in London"
Chiraag - Landscape

Aneri Seascape

Rachael Landscape

Meghana Riverview

Meghana Palm Island

Meghna Fun Summer Swimming

Anusha Landscape

Anusha Landscape